Oh fucking hell… I needed this laugh today.

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Beautiful tree of life necklace from @_little_doe_  💜 #LittleDoe #Jewellery #Necklace #IttyBittyTittyCommittee

Beautiful tree of life necklace from @_little_doe_ 💜 #LittleDoe #Jewellery #Necklace #IttyBittyTittyCommittee



What is it about The Capital in The Hunger Games that is so wrong?

Is it the killing of innocent children?

Is it the oppression of the districts?

Is it the media censorship?

Is it the attacks on peaceful protesters? 

Is it the denial of basic human rights?

Does any of this sound familiar?

If it’s clear in fiction why is it so hard to see that what’s happening in Ferguson is so wrong?


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at Leeds Festival

at Leeds Festival


#NotJustHello is a recent Twitter dialogue (started by @Karnythia) on how street harassment is not just about men not being able to say “hello” to women (though all who experience street harassment aren’t necessarily “women” or ID as such). Above are some of my tweets during that conversation. The idea that it is women “preventing” hello is not just a violently gross lie, but a mass oversimplification of the verbal/physical abuse and even sexual assault/murder that comes about via street harassment. 

Anyone who thinks all I describe above is okay clearly supports violence. None of these actions (and I’ve experienced much worse; some I don’t even discuss online) above are about saying “hello.” It’s one of the reasons why I included "so I can’t say hello?" in my Street Harassment and Street Harassment + Misogynoir BINGO card, that I included again in this post.

The first time I posted the BINGO card is in my recent post about my experiences, my writing on street harassment as experienced as a Black woman and the anti-street harassment chat #YouOkSis (by @Russian_Starr and @FeministaJonesscheduled for Thursday, July 10th at 12pm. In this aforementioned post (and within my years of writing on the topic) I address why some people want Black women silenced on this topic (and in general) and how the racist and anti-intersectional mainstream media framing and centering of White women as the only victims of street harassment with Black men as only perpetrators removes other men’s culpability and again, silences Black women. This is a time and space for Black women to speak our truths.

Related Essay Compilation: Street Harassment Is Violence (Essay Compilation)

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I was groped whilst walking through Sainsbury’s today.

We were walking towards each other and as he passed me he definitely stuck out his hand and rubbed it against my crotch.

I want to tell myself that I didn’t kick off because I was so shocked and it happened so quickly, but really it was because I was embarrassed and didn’t think anyone would take it seriously.

I told my friends a few minutes later and they told me to go back and kick his arse but it was too late as he had disappeared.

I am just the worst.


There are two kinds of people

those who say

"Kabuto glasses" 

and those who say

"Harry Potter glasses"

I say John Lennon who even am I?

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Happy lid #tinthepark

Happy lid #tinthepark

When in Rome #TInThePark #Scotland #IrnBru (at Gretna Green Services)

When in Rome #TInThePark #Scotland #IrnBru (at Gretna Green Services)


FACT: teaching women to accept boys disrespecting them as a form of ‘affection’ is shitty


FACT: teaching women to accept boys disrespecting them as a form of ‘affection’ is shitty

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Men’s rights activists don’t organize marches; they don’t build shelters or raise funds for abused men; they don’t organize prostate cancer-awareness events or campaign against prison rape. What they actually do, when they’re not simply carping in comments online, is target and harass women—from feminist writers and professors to activists—in an attempt to silence them.

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"Consensual sex" is just sex. To say that implies that there is such a thing as "non consensual sex", which there isn’t. That’s rape. That is what it needs to be called. There is only sex or rape. Do not teach people that rape is just another type of sex. They are two very separate events. You wouldn’t say "breathing swimming" and "non breathing swimming", you say swimming and drowning.

This has been bugging me also.

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The ultimate evil behind sexuality is the human female. They are the main instigators of sex. They control which men get it and which men don’t. Women are flawed creatures, and my mistreatment at their hands has made me realize this sad truth. There is something very twisted and wrong with the…

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Me visiting ‘are kid in That London

Me visiting ‘are kid in That London